• Sedgwick County offers a competitive vacation package which allows new hires to earn 12 days per year. Accruals increase every five years up to 24 days in      most cases. Most employees are able to carry over 5 weeks of vacation from year to year.

    Sick leave

  • We allow our employees to have an unlimited amount of sick leave, which accrues at 12 days per year in most cases.

    Comp Time

  • A unique benefit to public sector work is the ability to ‘bank’ over time worked and use later as paid time off. Many departments offer this benefit with limits on      the maximum amount of comp time allowed.


  • Sedgwick County provides 11 paid holidays annually. Holidays generally match Federal holidays and are paid at the employees’ regular rate of pay.

    Compensation Plan

  • Sedgwick County is committed to reviewing our Compensation plan annually and monitoring our place in the public sector market.

    Flexible Schedules

  • Find the right work/life balance with flexible Schedules. Many departments allow employees to utilize flexible scheduling, helping facilitate a work-life balance.