Professional Development

Sedgwick County is dedicated to the training and development of employees.  To provide the highest levels of professional customer service, we encourage our employees’ personal and occupational growth through the intentional development of skills and knowledge to optimize performance and achieve results. 

HR’s Employee Development Department focuses on providing multiple avenues for employees to plan, develop, and accomplish their professional development goals; including in-class and online training courses, Career Development Certificates; reflecting completion of various topics of study, and Career Pathways; created to provide each employee with a better understanding of how he/she may improve and fulfill his/her employee experience and career through self-directed development.

  • In Class:

We are committed to providing employees with quality training designed to support and advance career opportunities.  In addition to courses designed by Human Resources, we offer a variety of courses facilitated by instructors from Butler Community College, Friends University, Kansas Newman, and Wichita State University.  Our curriculum includes courses in the following categories:

  • Sedgwick County Values & Customer Service Principles
  • Employee Roles and Responsibilities
  • Supervisory Skills Development
  • Personal Skills and Characteristics Development


  • Online:

Employee Development offers access to a wide variety of online training courses through the Strategic Government Resources (SGR) Online Training System.  SGR training is designed specifically for local government employees, and is developed within the Fourth Dimension Leadership Model, which recognizes that leaders can be developed and utilizes a coherent, planned and holistic building block approach to achieve genuine leadership competency and effectiveness. Fourth Dimension Leadership starts by recognizing that all employees exercise some degree of leadership regardless of position.